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Blood, Sex, and Dominated Love Slash
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Slash Unslash - It's all about the writers, not the mods.


Blood, Sex, & Dominated Love Slash is basically here for all of your fan fictional needs and urges.

First of all, this community is about fan fiction (key word: FICTION) that may contain homosexual/bisexual relationships. If you're a closed-minded/homophobic/anti-homosexual person, then you should just leave right now.

Post what ever you like as long as it follows the rules – Got it? Blood, Sex, & Dominated Love Slash is run by the loveable Squishy-Poo (it’s only cool if I say it, Bitches. =P) and Brittz. Love us. We rock.

&& If you join – We’ll love you forever... then you’ll rock.
Oh yeah & if you read this – I swear, your story/story comments will rock:
Here, love.
And if English is definitely not your best subject, you may want to check this out, too:
Right here, baby.

Ze Rules

Okay, cool so, there are only a couple of rules, yes, I know, rules suck sweaty monkey balls but hey – we’ve got to have them or else people will wreak havoc. So, here they are:

1. Anything is accepted here. That means pictures, stories (het or slash), videos, and links. If it's not something completely pointless, go ahead and post it!

2. I really don’t advise people under the age of 10 to be reading the PG-13, Rated R and NC-17 fan fictions, I mean, if you're mature enough, more power to you, but if you are not, I’d defiantly advise you to stick with the kiddie fan fictions.

3. When posting your stories, make sure it is under an LJ-Cut. I don’t want to see some long assed post taking up the whole screen directly on the page – Use an LJ-Cut to keep from really stretching the page.

4. If you want to post a picture (in your story) Make sure it is not porn – I don’t think that is really appropriate, and make sure it is related to the story.

5. Okay so, no chat speak in the fan fictions unless the fan fiction setting happens to be on a chat line.

6. We'd appreciate it if you typed the story so it's at least half-literate and mostly easy to read and understand.

7. Any fan fiction is cool here. It can be about Green Day, Green Day's wives, Green Day's kids (as long as they're not doing anything sexual underage), or any other band. If you like it and think others will, then post it! But please be sure one of the main characters is someone famous that we all know, and it's not just some random porn story. We do focus mainly on Green Day fan fic here, but something different every now and then is welcomed!

8. Here at BS&DLS, we respect every fan fiction – we give constructive criticism and we encourage people to write more and keep up the good work.

9. If you're new to writing, the community, or LJ, please, feel free to make an introduction post, or if you need help with something (such as an LJ cut) go ahead and post your questions on the Slash Unslash Message Board. We welcome n00bs!

10. And lastly, when posting – Please put up this information about your story:

Slash Or Un-Slash* [is your story a slash fiction or a hetero fiction? Some people are homophobes (aka, they suck and really shouldn’t be here)]

Title:* [The title of your story – Duh!]

Author:* [You; if it’s not, it’s plagiarism, and if we see that, you're outta here]

Pairing:* [The main couple of this story, for example, Billie/Tre – Get it?]

Rating:* [G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 – you should know what these mean]

Disclaimer:* [Something to make sure that, legally, everyone knows this is a work of ficton and is never implied to be real. Such as: "All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners and/or themselves. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended." Just get the point across so no one gets sued!]

Word Count: [Just that - the word count of your story. There should be a tool in whatever typing program you used to type it up that counts the words for you.]

Warnings: [If there’s rape – warn us – if there’s character death or something like that – warn us – IF THERE IS SEX – WARN US (cause I’d want to read it)]

Notes: [Got anything else to say? Dedications? Where you got your inspiration?]

Summary:[Give us a teaser of your fiction that’ll make us want to read more – Don’t know what a teaser is? You know, like... what movies do? They show trailers and basically summarize the plot of the story – do that without telling us every single detail that happened in the story, plzkthx]

* indicates required headers.

Rating Reminders

Here are the ratings for stories, which are used just like they are for movies:

~G: Good clean fun for all ages.

~PG: Mild implied sexual innuendo, mild bad words, or violence or serious (though not quite mature) topics.

~PG-13: Some violence, bad language, obvious sexual innuendo, implied sexual relations. Also may include some mature topics such as suicide, homosexuality, drug/alcohol advocacy, rape aftermath, details of childbirth, etc. depending on the mores of the fandom involved.

~R: Just-short-of-explicit sex, graphic torture or violence, rape. Not recommended for minors.

~NC-17: explicit erotica, excessively gory violence. Often illegal for underage readers.

Woo, you're done

Now that you understand what this community is all about, please, feel free to join, post, and comment! We're working to be the best fan fic community on LJ. We're still total n00bs, so give us a break and give us some time, you'll like us eventually!

Got other things to say? Want to discuss stories or story ideas? Want to talk about your day? Just want to chat to other slash writers/lovers? Well, you're in luck. If you love talking to other Green Day fans and writers, then we have the perfect board for you. If you join the community, please consider joining the message board as well. It's supa easy, I promise.

The Slash Unslash Message Boards

Now go write some sexy slash, read some sexy slash, & have lots of fun!

Much Slashy Love & Lube,
<3 Brittz & Squishy

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