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Blood, Sex, and Dominated Love Slash

Dirty Billie

Blood, Sex, and Dominated Love Slash

slash unslash

Dirty Billie

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Haven't posted in a hell of a long time, it's great to be back!

Dirty Billie
Pairing: Billie/Mike--slash
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 933
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know these people.
Prompt: dirty Billie/Mike

'BILLIE!!! What the fuck happened to you???' Mike yelled as Billie tried to sneak into the house. Mike blocked him.

'Oh no. Not when you look like you just fell into a puddle of mud.' Billie grinned. 'I like that band actually,' he said as he tried to slip by him. Mike was too smart for that. 'All right Billie Joe. Out with it.' The only time Mike called him 'Billie Joe' was when he was mad at him. The rest of the time it was Billie or Bill. He sighed. 'Ok Mike. You got me.' He sat down on the stoop, defeated. 'I was having a mudfight with Tre. We just lost track of time-and water-so we both went home. I'd hate to be in his house right now.' Mike stood over Billie. HIs voice was much softer now. 'I should have known that idiot was behind this.' Mike pulled Billie up, being careful not to get mud on his clothes. 'Take your boots off outside. Do NOT touch ANYTHING.' Mike was anal about the stuff in the apartment-no pun intended-and he didn't want anything messed up. Billie took his boots off on the stoop and let Mike lead him through the house. When they got to the bathroom Mike turned the shower on. Billie was caked with mud, and Mike sighed at how much Billie would have to be scrubbed down. He got one of the Old Spice industrial poufs that Jason had gotten them for Christmas and watered and soaped it down. When the water was the right temp he helped Billie into the shower. He left, leaving the washing to Billie. He heard singing, albiet somewhat off-key. He smiled. Bilie had figured since he was home he didn't have to impress anyone so he just let his voice go. It wasn't too far off from his concert voice, just minus the screaming.

'Mikey!' Billie yelled. Mike sighed and once again went into the bathroom. 'Yes Bill?' he asked. Billie opened the shower door just a bit. 'Can you do my back?' he asked him.He sighed once again as he took the pouf from Billie and started to wash him. Hm..he looked clean to him.
'Hey Bill, you look fine to me.' He looked in the shower to see Billie wearing a very sexy smile and his come-hither eyes. " I just wanted to see if I was clean Mike because I feel so dirty.' Those emerald eyes twinkled. Wanna make sure I'm clean?'

He didn't have to ask Mike twice.

He hurridly took off his clothes, letting them pool on the floor. He stepped into the shower next to Billie, letting the hot water cascade over his body. Mike groaned. Oh this feels so fucking good, he said to himself. He went to grab the pouf but Billie slapped his hand away. 'No. Let me-you need someone else to make sure you're totally clean.' Mike relaxed, his back against the wall-even the walls of the shower were warm; Mike saw to it to put in waterproof heated walls when he had the place renovated. But the thoughts of warm walls weren't running through his mind at that particular moment. Billie squirted some almond body soap onto the pouf, ran it under the hor water and started to wash Mike's chest in small circles. Mike moaned. His knees went weak as Billie continued carressing his body with the soft sponge. He went lower to his feet, then started upwards to his thighs. The moaning continued. 'Bill, c'mon.....' Billie shushed him. 'What's the matter Mike?' Mike just put his head against the wall once again as Billie's hand went closer to his dick. His hand wrapped around Mike and he started to slowly slide it on and off Mike's cock. More moans, this time much louder. Billie smiled, a very devious smile. The wrm water ran down Mike's body. Billie placed his hands on Mike's hips and gently turned him around. "Bill...' he started, but once again Bilie's finger went to his lips. 'Mike just turn around for me.' Mike did what he was told, and felt Billie's hands surround his dick once again. He grinded his hips into Billie's and his singer smiled. 'That's the way I wanted it babe,' Billie said softly into Mike's ear. He bent his bassist over and put one, then two fingers into him. 'Oh Bill...' he sighed. Billie slicked Mike's hair back and grabbed Mike's hips to steady himself. Billie smiled, one of those trademark soft smiles. He reached around Mike and stroked him gently, using the sweet-scented body soap as a lube. Mike gasped and moved to Billie's rhythm, in time with Billie's hips. HIs breathing became shallow and quicker, and he could hear his singer panting. Billie's body tensed up as he had his orgasm, screaming Mike's name. Billie's name echoed around the bathroom as Mike came all over Billie's hand. The boys were spent and they sat down on the bench in the shower, holding each other. Billie reached over and shut the shower off and turned the setting to sauna to keep themselves warm. Mike snuggled into Billie.

'Billie, that was fantastic.' More snuggles. Billie stroked his hair. 'Mike, hun, you wer absolutely great yourself.' He placed a kiss on top of his bassist's head. 'Hey Billie,' Mike asked. Billie bent down and looked at Mike. 'Yes baby?'

'Can you have mud fights with Tre more often?'

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